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              LCD-X tool with magnetic adsorption heater

              A few pieces of magnetic steel are installed on both sides of the tracked ceramic heater with tooling and can be adsorbed on the workpiece. It is suitable for the preheating of metal components such as spherical tanks and hulls and is flexible in use.
              Model Heating Size (mm) Operating Voltage (V) Rated Power (KW)
              Bendable edge straight edge
              LCD23-X-110 620200 110 5.0
              LCD16-X-110 440280 110 5.0
              LCD19-X-110 630200 60 4.0
              LCD13-X-110 450280 60 4.0


              The complete metal component heat treatment equipment consists of three parts, namely ceramic electric heater, temperature control box and auxiliary materials.

              1. Ceramic electric heater: The heating element is the source of heat when the workpiece is heated. Our company provides you with a variety of models and specifications, they have their own characteristics, performance is not the same. Such as LCD track heaters, SCD-type rope heaters, NJ-type heat frame heaters, etc., generally require the user to choose according to the shape of the heated workpiece, thickness and the desired temperature value.
              2. Temperature control box: It is matched with the ceramic electric heater to provide power for the ceramic electric heater and control its working status to achieve the purpose of temperature control. The temperature control box is equipped with a temperature controller to control and measure the temperature of the workpiece. The configured temperature recorder is used to record the temperature curve of the workpiece in real time so that the user can archive the temperature. At present, our company provides users with various models of temperature control boxes, such as ZWK, WCK, RWK series of intelligent temperature program control box, DWK, TCS series computer temperature control box, LWK series temperature control box, etc. The user needs to select the ideal and practical temperature control box according to the heating range, heating process requirements and site requirements.
              3. Auxiliary material: mainly KJ-type quick-connected wire (connecting wire between the temperature control box and heater, also used for 36V, 55V, 110V and other heaters in series, and equipped with quick-connect plug), thermocouple (temperature sensor , Used to measure the temperature of the heated workpiece), compensation wire (connection line between the thermocouple and the temperature control box), high temperature insulation cotton aluminosilicate (to prevent heat dissipation).

              Use cautions:
                 1. The heated workpiece must have a reliable ground.
                 2, the heater does not allow overlap.
                 3The thermocouple should be attached to the workpiece reliably.
                 1. The width of the heater should be 8-12 times the wall thickness of the heated object.
                 2, according to the needs of users can supply complete sets of lead cables, thermocouples, insulation materials and special temperature control cabinets and capacitive soldering coupler.
                 3, power error is 3%, shape tolerance is 2%.
                 4, special specifications can be customized.

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