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              LCD type crawler type ceramic heater

              The LCD type crawler type ceramic heater uses a lead oxide ceramic element with high strength and good thermal radiation performance as an insulating material, and uses a high-quality nichrome wire as a heating element, and a well-arranged heater can be rectangular or triangular. Nickel-chromium wire cables and wires are welded by a new process. The soldered joints are all embedded in the ceramic components. The insulation is reliable. Ceramic heaters and control equipments become complete heat treatment systems. Their connection uses special connectors and can be based on The length of the control device is configured with long wires. The track size ceramic heater can be flexibly changed in length dimension. The corresponding specifications should be selected according to the geometry, wall thickness and heat treatment process of the workpiece. The following table lists only some of the specifications.

              Model Heating Size (mm) Working Pressure (V) Rated Voltage (KW) Applicable Pipe Diameter
              Bendable edge straight edge
              LCD26-220 660330 220 10 219
              LCD33-220 860260 220 10 273
              LCD39-220 1020220 220 10 325
              LCD44-220 1160200 220 10 377
              LCD52-220 1360160 220 10
              LCD70-220 1860120 220 10
              LCD19-220 500450 220 10 159
              LCD16-220 420530 220 10
              LCD19-110 500220 110 5 159
              LCD16-110 420260 110 5
              LCD23-110 600180 110 5
              LCD10-55 260200 55 2.5
              LCD16-55 410120 55 2.5

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